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  • Takeo says:

    I love the lyrics, your voice and most of all evnyoree can benefit from watching this video. Great job, Chris! (-.-) Plus, I cannot believe my big bro Rayen played a bully in this video.

  • Betti says:

    djshay Attacked Palin? Surely you're not talking about the fake outrage over the lipstick comment. Palin wears glasses, so I guess any reference to spectacles would be sexist too. For a party that claims they are so tough, they have awfully thin skin and absolutely LOVE playing the victim. What whiners. The only thing Obama has attacked Palin with are facts. She lies like a rug about EVERYTHING and yes, that's fair game for attacks. Reanilbcpus need to grow a pair.

  • Melia says:

    wah keren banget.tapi saya jadi curiga, ini bener-bener blog yang dijadikan film, atau sengaja sebagai strategi pemasaran aja?kalo bener-bener blog yang dijadikan film kayaknya kok terlalu cepat prosesnya mulai blog itu ditulis september dan oktober, lalu november sudah selesai praydksinua.topi kalo ini betulan, wow cepet banget.. Budiono selesai posting Bikin Akta Kelahiran di Surabaya

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